Demi Lovato is completely done with social media. On her Instagram Story the pop star shared a short text on a black background. “I’m taking a break,” reports Lovato. “Be kind.”

“I’ll take a break”

The break comes after Lovato decided to support her new manager, Scooter Braun, in his conflict with Taylor Swift. Braun recently purchased Big Machine Records, the former record label from Swift. With that he also bought Swifts music that she made under that label. Then Taylor revealed that Braun had been harassing her for years, and it was a nightmare for her that he now owned all her early music.

Lovato took the side of her manager and shared on Instagram the following:

“I have met many difficult people in this industry, but Scooter is not one of them. He is a good man. I am grateful that he came to my life right moment. Stop pampering people and bullying people. There’s enough hatred in the world. “

Many people did not care that Lovato took the side of Braun. The pop star had to constantly defend herself on her Instagram, due to the many criticisms she received. The singer now chooses to take a short break.