Since Tuesday, the last part of ‘Dancing With The Devil’, the documentary by Demi Lovato, has been on YouTube and in the meantime the 28-year-old has responded to her statements. According to Demi, it was anything but easy to talk so openly and honestly about her overdose. “It’s never easy to talk about your past trauma.”

Experiencing a trauma is never easy, but reliving it is often a lot more difficult. Something that Demi Lovato can already confirm, because in her documentary ‘Dancing With The Devil’ she openly talks about the traumatic events from her past. “It’s never easy to talk about trauma, but my music has been my salvation,” said Demi in an interview with Lorraine.

Earlier this week Lovato told TMZ that she sometimes feels guilty because she is still alive. Especially now that the American rapper DMX is in hospital after an overdose. “The exact same thing could have happened to me. And then I wonder why I’m still here and why other people don’t get a second chance ”, it said in the interview.

DMX (50), meanwhile, is still in hospital and his condition is critical. Earlier, his manager said in a statement that it was a matter of waiting, because they did not know what the doctors were up to. News finally got out yesterday that his doctors are planning to conduct a series of studies. It is the results of those studies that should help DMX’s family make a decision about its future.

The man is currently in a coma and for the time being he cannot breathe independently. Earlier this week, a number of the man’s children visited him in the hospital because they fear it could be the last time they will see their father.