In July, Demi Lovato ( Demi Lovato) was hospitalized after an overdose. The 26-year-old singer suffered from drug addiction since she was 17 years old. After a long struggle, Demi stopped taking drugs but fell through.

She simultaneously took two potent drugs and nearly died. A few weeks later, the girl was discharged from the hospital and went to a rehabilitation clinic for treatment of drug addiction.

It was reported, that it will stay in Rehab before the end of the year, but 4 November it became known, that Demi has completed a course of treatment. Leaving the center, she almost immediately came out.

So, on November 5, the paparazzi caught Lovato on a date in a restaurant in the Beverly Hills district. The singer had dinner with Henry Lewy ( Henry Levy), a 30-year-old fashion designer. Fans have noted, that the star looks great.

Recall, earlier rumors, that Demi Lovato took up with Wilmer Valderrama, her ex-boyfriend. According to an insider, Wilmer and Demi were going to get married after, she graduated from medical treatment.