Demi Lovato is prepared to be admitted to a rehab clinic after she is discharged from the hospital.


Agreements have already been made about this with a clinic, TMZ writes . For a long time it was unclear whether Lovato, who was admitted last week after a suspected overdose, wanted to go to a clinic for treatment.

Earlier, an initiate who worked for Lovato said that he or she would say goodbye to the 25-year-old singer if she did not seek help. “She can die if she does not, and I will not watch and then hear that I have not intervened.”


Lovato has previously been addicted to alcohol and drugs and announced in March this year that he would be sober for six years. In June, however, she released the song Sober , in which she had a relapse by twilight.

TMZ further reports that people around the singer thought she was dead the moment they found her after the overdose. A security officer from Lovato would have immediately applied first aid and thus possibly saved her life. 

It is reported that Lovato can be dismissed from the hospital where she is at any moment, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.