Demi Lovato (28) has openly told Glamor about her split with Max Ehrich (29) in an interview with Glamor. Breaking off her engagement to the actor has given her a better picture of her own sexuality.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich were only engaged for a short time. They announced their engagement in July last year. Barely two months later, in September, the singer announced that they had split. In an interview with Glamor, she now calls their breakup a real revelation. “I was engaged to a man and it just didn’t work. For me this was a really big signal, ”said Demi.

The singer later announced that she had an intimate relationship with a woman who felt a lot better to her than her past experiences with men. Only Demi immediately admitted that she thought it was too early to make a definitive statement about her sexuality. In this way she waits for the right time to share her choice with the world. “I use this time to get to know myself better”, it still sounds.

Although Demi Lovato did not mince words during her interview and openly talked about her past sexual experiences. “When I had a relationship with a girl it felt a lot better and I liked it a lot more myself. It felt right. ” Lovato had this to say about her past relationships with men: “I appreciated their friendship more than the romance.”

Furthermore, the singer talked in her interview about the overdose that almost turned fatal. For example, she previously announced that she subsequently had three strokes and a heart attack. Now she said that she has overcome her demons from the past, but that she is not 100% sober. “I want to try to find a healthy balance,” Demi clarifies in her conversation. A decision that her team is struggling with, although they continue to support her. “She deserves the opportunity to make this decision herself.”