Demi Lovato canceled the remaining part of her world tour. These are eight concerts in Central and South America that would take place between 20 September and 27 November.
Concert organizers Live Nation and Lotus Productions wish Lovato “the best, now and in the future”, they say in a press release . “We hope to welcome her soon in South America.”

People with a ticket get their money back. Lovato gave two concerts in Amsterdam in June as part of her Tell Me You Love Me tour.

The 25-year-old singer showed up for the first time on Sunday after her hospitalization as a result of a suspected overdose. Via Instagram she thanked her fans and family for the support.

“I’ve always been open about the fight against my addiction, I’ve learned that this disease does not just go away, I have to overcome it myself, and that’s what I’m doing now, I thank God that I’m still alive.”