With the multitude of scenes cut in editing, we would end up believing that the production has sliced ​​well in the bacon of poor Deadpool 2 .

At the approach of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Deadpool 2 , which will take place August 21 in the United States and October 17 in France, Fox has decided to relay a new scene cut editing . And yes, one more. Definitely, that’s a lot.


This takes place inside the X-Men Manor. We can see Wade Wilson trying to become a good guy, a bit like the X-Men, and to recover from his trauma. Except that the pseudo-comedy of Deadpool does not take on Negasonic Teenage Warnhed who comes back a little inside and confronts him with his problems. Very clearly, the scene brings nothing to the plot , but it has at least the merit of existing.

The fact is that this long version, announced at the Comic-Con in San Diego would last about 12 minutes more. Spectators will discover what is not exactly a director’s cut , but rather an alternative version of the feature film . In addition to the few post-generic scenes that will be unveiled (and explained here ), the long version will be especially the opportunity to focus on Domino, which will be granted some additional footage.

Otherwise, to put you in the context, Deadpool 2 starts his last straight at the box office. For now, the second installment has yielded $ 318 million in the domestic territory and 732.6 million in the global box office. As a comparison Deadpool ended its run with $ 783.1 million earned in the world.