The Star of the Guardians of the Galaxy Dave Batista will again work with Denis Villeneuve, the director of the movie “Blade Runner 2049”. In tandem with the 23-year-old Timothy Shalame, they film one of the most famous sci-fi novels of the 20th century – “Dune”.

On the replenishment of the cast of a fantastic project reported the publication Deadline. The portal clarified that Legendary studio bought out the rights to film version in 2016 with the intention to make several full-length films – that is, if the first part is successful, we will have another franchise.

The plot of the picture will transfer viewers to the planet Arrakis, which is also called Dune. It produces a unique melange spice that allows you to travel through time and space. Extraction of spices is fraught with dangers, as the planet is inhabited by giant sandworms. The picture takes place in the period when Dune management passes into the hands of the Atreides family, which provokes a real war between them and another influential House Harkonnen. The protagonist Paul Atreides is forced to flee into the wilderness and hide among the Fremen aborigines, whom he later revolts.

The main roles will be performed by Timothy Shalame (Paul Atreides), Dave Batista (Gloss “The Beast” Rabban), Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica) and others. The director’s chair will take Denis Villeneuve. He will also develop the script along with Eric Roth and John Spates. Date of filming has not yet specified.