Mikaela Spielberg (23) is going through a tough period. Adopted daughter of film legend Steven Spielberg (73) entered the porn industry and was subsequently arrested for domestic violence, but in the meantime she has seen the light. She tells that to the British newspaper ‘The Sun’.

“I find it difficult that people find me dangerous”

No more drinks for Mikaela. At least she claims that against the newspaper. “I am celebrating being sober for one week,” she says. The 23-year-old had ambitions to enter the porn industry . While her father recovered from it, she was arrested for domestic violence against her friend Chuck Pankow. “I think I should stop drinking alcohol completely,” she says now.

“I find it difficult that people see me as dangerous”, Mikaela continues. She was detained for twelve hours after the arrest because she had attacked Chuck after making a “rude” remark. Chuck himself called the incident “a big misunderstanding.”

About the solo porn movies that Mikaela makes on her own, she tells  The Sun that her parents were “fascinated” by the news, but “not angry.” Moreover, she had a reason for her choice: “I was fed up with not being able to take advantage of my body, being told that I should hate my body. I worked day in day out, but my work was not satisfactory. in this work I satisfy others, but in a way that feels good and without being touched. ” Despite the troubles with his daughter, Steven Spielberg is still going strong.