18-year-old Willow Smith is not against poly-amoric relations, or rather, very much for. She stated this in a conversation with her mother and grandmother as part of their overall show Red Table Talk.

Jada Pinket-Smith discussed various topics with her daughter, including dependence on adult films. This time, the Smith family decided to touch on the topic of polyamorous relationships, which implies an open romance of one person with several partners at the same time. “I love men and women equally. I am not one of those who are obsessed with sexual experiences, I focus on an emotional connection, so I definitely would like a relationship with a man and a woman, ”Willow commented on the so-called triple (the relationship of three sexes).

Jada supported her daughter and stated that only happiness Willow is important for her. But the grandmother of the star Banfield Norris expressed a different opinion: “I listen to you and try to remain open-minded, but my intuition tells me that your speeches are just a bunch of stupid words.”

Excessive candor with the audience gives its results. Last October, Will Smith had to comment on the rumors that he and his wife were Swingers Scientologists. “Let’s clear something up. We were never Scientologists and were not swingers either, ”said the actor, after which Jada added with a laugh that for them it’s too special a way of life.