Daniel Radcliffe Family

Someone finds their love through the Internet, someone through mutual acquaintances, and for the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and actress Erin Dark, the sex scene from the movie Kill Your Loved

In the biographical picture of 2013, the main characters of which were famous personalities of the 1960s. – Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burrows, have an intimate scene: the heroine Erin Dark has oral sex with the hero of Radcliffe in the library. We do not know how many duplicates the actors had to make, but since then they have been inseparable.

“Someday we will tell our children this hellish story about what our heroes were doing,” Radcliffe told on People TV’s Couch Surfing show with a laugh.

It’s nice that the 29-year-old actor and his 34-year-old girlfriend, who have been together for seven years, are thinking about potential replenishment. Maybe the wedding is just around the corner?

Add that Daniel Radcliffe recently often appears on various talk shows, as he promotes his new series “The Miracles”, which started on TBS last week. In the center of the plot – two angels who promised to prove to God that people are not hopeless and have a chance to exist, otherwise – the Earth will be destroyed. Together with Radcliffe in the comedy project played by Steve Bushemi and Geraldine Visvanathan.