The actor believes that women deserve to have their own roles that were not written for men …

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, stated in a new interview that the famous 007 agent “should not be played by a woman.” But, according to him, because they deserve their own roles that have not been written for men.

Amid calls for the upcoming 007 to be played by a woman, the actor, who is retiring from the role after the upcoming film No Time To Die, stated that instead of casting them for male roles, there should ‘just be better roles. for the women’.

The franchise producer, Barbara Broccoli, had already expressed that she does not want a female version of James Bond:

“We have to make films about women and women’s stories, but we have to create female characters and not just for a trick to turn a male character into a woman,” he said.

Recently Halle Berry, who starred in one of the Bond films, also pointed out that she is against a woman playing the role of the most famous spy in the world.

“That series is steeped in history… you know, the Ian Fleming stories. I don’t think you can turn Bond into a woman. “