29-year-old Dakota Johnson ( Dakota Johnson) surprised fans. The actress spoke about the pain during critical days.

On such recognition star of ” Fifty Shades of Gray” was decided in an interview for the magazine of InStyle . “To be honest , hormonal changes during menstruation simply ruin my life. Every month. It is impossible to believe in it, ”the star shared.

The actress said , that before menstruation she regularly swells the chest , which is very painful. “Every time I’m just shocked by the fact , what happens to my body and in my head. My chest gets eight times more , than usual. In fact, it is very hard to survive , and it happens to me every month. I still can’t get used to it, ”complained Johnson.

Under assumptions Dakota , this may be due to the method of contraception , which it uses. The actress is protected with oral medications. Despite perceptible monthly discomfort , the star is not going to stop taking the pills. But she wants to find a more convenient way to protect against unwanted pregnancy.

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Dakota Johnson meets with 41-year-old lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin ( by Chris by Martin) a year. But the stars are still trying to keep the relationship secret from the public. Only occasionally the paparazzi manage to take a picture of them together. Even at the premiere of his latest film, the star came not with a boyfriend , but with an 88-year-old grandmother.