The filmmaker indulged in insults and harassment.

Dakota Johnson became a member of the Awards Chatter podcast , in which she accused Alfred Hitchcock of harassment. The star stated that her grandmother Tippy Hedren’s career as a film actress was ruined by the filmmaker.

Johnson reported that Alfred Hitchcock abused her grandmother. There were sexual harassment and threats, but Tippy Hedren did not give herself offense, but she had to almost completely abandon cinema after she stopped working with the director.

Recall that in 2016 a book was published by Tippy Hedren, in which she told how, in the 60s, when the film “Marnie” with her participation was filmed, Hitchcock grabbed the actress and touched her. He was obsessed with her, and distinguished himself not only by harassment, but also by jealousy, and also dictated to the actress how she should look. Hedren explained that in those days there were no such concepts as sexual harassment, and therefore she was silent about what happened between her and the director.