Miranda in the hit series “Sex and the City” is planning to run for New York State.

“I love New York, and today I announce my candidacy for the position of governor.” It is by a simple message on Twitter that Cynthia Nixon put an end to the suspense maintained by a rumor that had been running for ten days. The actress has decided to challenge the powerful Democratic Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, who hopes to be re-elected in November.


Cynthia Nixon, 51, who made herself known by playing a lawyer, Miranda Hobbes, in the cult series “Sex and the City”, officially declared her candidacy for the Democratic primary next September on her Twitter account Monday, posting a two-minute video, where she is seen on the train, in the street or at home, with his wife Christine Marinoni, whom she married in 2012 .

Nixon, who has three children – including two from a previous marriage with a man – and won two Tony’s, Broadway Theater Awards, is now very committed to the cause of public education.

“The most unequal state in the country”

Her partner was working until last week for New York Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo’s big rival. “I love New York, but our leaders have let us down, we are now the most unequal state in the country,” says Nixon in this video, citing the growing gap between rich and poor or the need to improve the New York subway. “I can not stand politics more preoccupied with newspaper titles and their power than with our fate,” added the actress.


Rumors were rife about a Nixon candidacy since early March, after she met Democratic strategists. Andrew Cuomo, 60, is since 2011 governor of the State of New York, a Democratic stronghold. He is the son of another powerful governor, Mario Cuomo, whose name has long been among the potential candidates for the White House