Gigi Hadid was one of the well-known attendees during the first weekend of Coachella and also earned some money between parties. The model posted a photo on Instagram where she can be seen with a bowl of fries from McDonald’s and adds: “Pre-festival with McDonald’s, enough to eat and drink. Thank you friends!”

It earned Gigi bins with criticism from her followers, because she promotes fast food and that is unhealthy according to many. “I don’t understand why you would promote McDonald’s. I’m surprised that an intelligent, knowledgeable woman like you, who has a lot of influence on people, you want to associate with such a company. You don’t do this just for the money “There are other ways to eat and drink enough,” said a follower.

Another says: “You are beautiful but in this way you promote obesity and destroy the health of others.” And someone else writes: “What a worthless collaboration, McDonald’s is pure poison.”

Hadid has not yet responded to the criticism at her address.