The creators of Avatar 2 continue to intrigue viewers

Avatar producer John Landau has shared an image of the new vehicle that will appear in Avatar 2. He posted on his Instagram concept art depicting a car that looks like a crab. On land it can move with the help of “paws”, and under water presses them and turns into a bathyscaphe. The caption below the images reads:

A crab costume … a man-operated multi functional apparatus that can dive under water. One of the many new modes of transport that will appear in the sequel to Avatar. I want one for myself.

Following the shutdown of filmmaking caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Avatars resumed filming in New Zealand this June. The plot of “Avatar 2” is kept secret. It is known that several years have passed since the first part, the main characters Jake and Neytiri had a daughter. The family will leave their home and go on a trip to Pandora. Many scenes will be filmed underwater or near water.

The premieres of the Avatar sequels were pushed back by Disney by a year. Now “Avatar 2” will be released in December 2022, and the rest with a difference of two years – in 2024, 2026 and 2028.