The singer, who was severely affected by the virus, looked back on the trying weeks that followed her contamination. She had imagined the worst-case scenario.

In April 2020, Pink and her 4-year-old son Jameson both contracted Covid-19. The singer and her son were in terrible shape, to the point that she imagined the worst. “There are a lot of nights I cried. I have never prayed so much in my life, ”confided the artist on Instagram last April.

“Jameson has been very, very sick and it’s scary. He was getting better and then it got worse and I was on life support for the first time in thirty years and it’s very scary for me. ” Pink is so bad that she thinks she is going to die. For their part, Carey Hart, the singer’s husband, and Willow, their daughter, were spared the virus. “It was so critical that I rewrote my will,” she told Mark Wright in an interview for “Extratv” broadcast on Monday.

“What am I going to leave for my child?”

“I called my best friend and said, ‘I need you to tell Willow how much I love her.’ It was really terrifying. ” Frightened at the idea of ​​leaving her children, Pink then questioned herself about her duty of transmission. “As a parent, you ask yourself, ‘What am I going to leave for my child? What am I teaching him? Are they going to be successful in this world? ”She said. “And what should I say if this is the last time I get to talk to them?”