The sequel of Wonder Woman will not be released until 2020. The premiere of the film was actually planned on 1 November 2019.

Studio Warner Bros and protagonist Gal Gadot declare on Monday that the film will be released at the beginning of the summer, because that also proved to be a successful time for the first Wonder Woman in 2017.

“So when we saw a chance to make use of a changing competition, we took it”, according to the studio. “This film ends up exactly where it belongs.”


Wonder Woman 1984, as the sequel is going to be named, arrives on June 5 and takes the place of Six Billion Dollar Man in the film planning of Warner, which thus completely disappears from the schedule.

Mark Wahlberg’s film has production problems: in May, the intended director stepped up and no replacement was found for the film, which is based on a television series from the 1970s.