The departure of Sharon Osbourne (68) from the American program ‘The Talk’ has been widely reported in the press in recent weeks. Sheryl Underwood, one of Osbourne’s colleagues, has now commented on it in her podcast ‘Sheryl Underwood Radio’.

“Sometimes things happen in life”

“Sometimes things happen in life where you think: if I had done this or that, everything would have turned out differently. But that didn’t happen. Sometimes you just don’t want to know what you actually know. Sharon’s departure was inevitable and that would have happened sooner or later, I just hoped not to be involved, Sheryl said.

Underwood has not spoken to her former colleague since then, but wishes her all the best. “I love that whole family, even if some people think I can’t say that. This whole incident is simply sad. There are really only losers.”

Osbourne came under fire after defending her good friend Piers Morgan when he lost his job on the show Good Morning Britain after speaking negatively about Meghan Markle. This is in response to the interview that the Duchess of Sussex, together with her husband Prince Harry, gave to Oprah Winfrey.

“I feel like I’m in an electric chair because I have a friend who many people label as racist. And that would immediately make me a racist,” said Sharon, who felt attacked by the comments from her colleagues. According to Underwood, Osbourne is not a racist, but some colleagues think otherwise.Ozzy Osbourne’s wife is said to have been racist and homophobic several times, which caused unrest within the team.