According to a statement issued by American Airline explaining the tragic event of medical mystery which happened during the flight in the cockpit. On Wednesday co-pilot of American Airline died when the flight was about to land in Albuquerque, New Mexico. William “Mike” Grubbs who was the first officer declared medical emergency during the flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Albuquerque and this call for medical emergency was made only two miles away from their landing destination.

According to the statement given by the spokesperson Dan Jiron for Albuquerque International Support ” “They landed without incident, taxied to the gate and were met by medical personnel.”
After landing the CPR was performed by he paramedics declared the Grubbs first officer dead.

According to another spokeswoman for American Airlines Polly Tracey “American Airlines is deeply saddened by the death of first officer William “Mike” Grubbs. We’re taking care of first officer Grubbs family and colleagues and our thoughts and prayers are with them them during this time.”

CNN also has stated that Federal Aviation Administration has been planning for the follow up for this incident. For the time being no cause of death has been released. All the passenger and other crew members landed safely due the efforts of able-bodied captain. Boeing 737 planes can safely land with a single crew but the situation is not ideal.