The singer remembered how hard it was for her youngest child.

At the last American Music Awards ceremony, Ciara remembered how she held last year’s award. On the eve of AMA 2019, the singer found out that she was 4 months pregnant. Nevertheless, the artist did not cancel her participation in the event and took the stage. Since then, the annual celebration has been associated with pleasant emotions.

At the same time, expecting a child turned out to be a rather “painful” adventure for her, the artist admitted. Ciara noted that it seemed to her that time passed very slowly. Problems also arose with the onset of the pandemic, when the whole family was locked up in isolation within four walls.

“My body ached so much that I thought I would need a cane at the end of my pregnancy. I was a real penguin when I walked around the house, but a strong character helped me through everything, ”Ciara said.

Nevertheless, the artist noted that she was grateful for a difficult year for the opportunity to devote so much time to an expanded family. Recall that the singer married American football player Russell Wilson in 2016. A year later, they had a daughter, Sienna, and in July last year, a son, Win.

In addition, Ciara and Russell are raising the singer’s first child – her son, Futher, in 2015 from an affair with rap musician Neuvedius Wilburn.