The model has nothing hidden from its irritation and itching …

Chrissy Teigen will bring back a bad memory of his vacation in the tropics: hives . After a few days sunbathing with her husband John Legend and their children, Miles Theodore and Luna Simone, the model saw redness appear on her buttocks.

And even if this location is rather embarrassing, Chrissy Teigen has not hesitated to inform its fans on Twitter before submitting them to a vote. “I have hives on the back. Do you want to see that? It’s disgusting, “she asks.

Vote and revote

Even if the public answered “yes” to a large majority, Chrissy Teigen preferred to modify its proposal. Claiming that enough people did not want to see her buttocks, John Legend’s wife proposed to the public to fall back on her thighs, also affected by skin disease.

“Okay, enough people do not want to see my buttocks but I will still show you my urticaria. What do you think of my hives urticaria? Very similar and with funny stretch marks and more, “she detailed.

And against an overwhelming majority, Chrissy Teigen this time executed by publishing a picture showing large red plates inside one of her thighs.