In an interview with the magazine ‘Marie Claire’, Chrissy Teigen, 34, has said that she has regularly dealt with racism, despite the fame of her husband John Legend. One particular incident in particular gave her sleepless nights.

“I was crying for hours”

“We drove in the car through a beautiful neighborhood in the evening, looking for the house of John’s godmother. Behind us, two men drove in a pickup truck, signaling us with a high beam. When we stopped, they asked where we were going. We gave them the address. Then they literally said: Get out of here! Then they chased us up to the driveway and watched us until we got in. That made me feel very bad ” , said Chrissy.

The 34-year-old model still remembers well that she experienced for the first time what black men in the United States experience every day. “I was crying for hours, while it didn’t make John emotional at all. That made me realize that this had happened to him before, which I was very sorry.”

Chrissy is therefore worried about her children and what they might get from racism. “It doesn’t matter if you are rich or famous, in the end it is your skin color. And although they also have Asian blood in them, their skin color is black. We are already trying to make them aware of that and speak in a way. so that they understand the seriousness of this problem. “

Chrissy and John have two children: daughter Luna (4) and son Miles (2). The couple recently announced that a third child is on the way.