To Turkey for a hair transplant, we know that now. Chrissy Teigen (35) went one step further and decided to have her eyebrows filled in this way. The model now shares the result on her Instagram

“Keep off your eyebrows and don’t pluck them off like I did!”

Those who want beautiful, full eyebrows do not have to spend endlessly with eyebrow powders and brushes. If you want to fluff up your eyebrows a bit, you can also have them tattooed, or opt for microblading. Chrissy decided to go for yet another method, and had them transplanted recently. During this operation, hairs are collected from the back of the head and placed between the eyebrow hairs.

“Whenever I can, I choose not to wear makeup, so when I heard about this procedure I was immediately enthusiastic,” explains John Legend’s wife via her Instagram Stories.

Finally, the  Lip Sync Battle star, who is delighted with the end result, has an important message for all her young followers: ‘Keep off your eyebrows and don’t pluck them bald like I did!’

Despite Chrissy’s warning, it looks like the thin eyebrow is making a comeback.