LOS ANGELES – Chris Hemsworth has become well known and successful thanks to his role as Thor in the Marvel films. Yet the Australian actor was not always involved, ten years ago he even thought about stopping acting. But his parents’ house was the reason he did not give up.

“I asked my father when he thought he would pay for the house,” says Chris in conversation with Men’s Health. ‘Probably never’ was the answer his father gave him. “Most people are in that same boat and I wanted to change that”, says the 35-year-old actor. “I always wanted to act and one of the first things I wanted to do if I had enough money was to pay for my parents’ house.”

After his last film Star Trek (2009), however, it remained a while for Hemsworth in the field of new roles. He did auditions, but still became a bit worried that he was not going to play anymore. “At one point I even thought ‘I’m going back to Australia’.”

In front of the house

Yet he did not give up. “I had one more audition and I thought ‘do this for the house, do not just think about yourself.’ That was for the movie The Cabin in the Woods and eventually I got the part. “

Since then it went uphill again and Hemsworth became the star in films like Red Dawn and Thor.