The director of film and television studio Warner Bros. Kevin Tsujihara has been sent off. The Hollywood prominent is accused of assisting actress Charlotte Kirk in getting roles in films in exchange for sex.

According to his boss at WarnerMedia, the media branch of telecom conglomerate AT&T, it is in the interest of the company that Tsujihara leaves. 54-year-old Tsujihara would also have acknowledged that he was wrong. The British actress Kirk played in the films Vice and Ocean’s Eight, among others. “The work that our team is doing is admirable and I don’t want media attention or my past to distract me,” Tsujihara said.

Earlier this month, WarnerMedia started an investigation after conversations between him and Kirk were published by the Hollywood Reporter. This would show that the former top man helped the actress in acting jobs through a what-hear-what-construction.