Cheryl Burke: Instagram

Cheryl Burke has headed back to the dancing Stars show. As she and her partner both were tested positive for covid-19 and were being forced continously to perform virtually are know fully recovered and coming back to the show. In an instagaram post of Cheryl Burke she said that she is clear to return toh the show next week. “I have been officially cleared. I am back to normal. No more quarantine for me,” she began. “Unfortunately, Cody is still in quarantine, but he will be back in Los Angeles starting Friday, which means we can technically dance on both Monday and Tuesday.” She also contined by thanking all the people who gave best wishes for her.

“You will see us both back in the ballroom,” she said, sharing that they have two dances. “We’ve got lots of work to do.” The peloton instructor and the pro danced remotely performed from their respective rooms for the BRITTNEY NIGHT. But they got the lowest score 18 out of 30. “I thought we killed it! I feel like we accomplished a lot,” Burke told after Monday’s show, with Burke adding, “He nailed it, we nailed it, it was perfect, after expressing disappointment with the judges’ feedback.

“It was harder than if I was dancing and physically touching my partner, because I could maneuver and manipulate his body if anything were to go wrong,” she explained. “And there’s also camera angles. There’s a lot of times when the director will have a close-up of your face and you won’t even know the couple messed up with the footwork.” The two didn’t appeared on live on September 27 but still they were judged by thier rehearsels and were given scores 24 out of 40 which eventually stave them off from the elimination.