The media reported the separation of 39-year-old Channing Tatum and 31-year-old Jesse Jay. The actor and singer met a little over a year, but in the end they decided to disperse, according to sources from their environment.

Channing Tatum and Jesse Jay broke up about a month ago. They want to remain friends, theinsider told the news.

Last fall, Channing confirmed an affair with a British pop star, after which comparisons with his ex-wife , 39-year-old Jenna Dewann, struck Jesse.
Jesse and Jenna – one face!- wrote publications and users of social networks.

Jay was disappointed and confused by these comparisons, but they did not influence her relationship with Tatum. According to the singer, her romance with the actor did not begin immediately after meeting her: it took them a while to get to know each other. Jesse spoke warmly of Channing’s daughter, six-year-old Everly. Tatum is now fighting with her ex-wife for custody of her only child .