According to The Sun, the recordings of the live action film The Little Mermaid have been stopped due to a number of corona infections. The British tabloid reports that five crew members tested positive after which production was suspended.

A source called the shutdown to The Sun “a disaster for the production team”.

In total, the team consists of about three hundred cast and crew members. They now all have to quarantine for ten days in their hotel on a small island off the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Singer Halle Bailey, of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle, has been cast as mermaid Ariel. The film is a remake of the 1989 animated hit about a young mermaid who dreams of becoming a human so she can marry the charming Prince Eric. Javier Bardem (King Triton) and Melissa McCarthy (Ursula) can also be seen in the film.