The singer says they try to harm her by taking unflattering photos of her and making them viral.

Cardi B has criticized those who try to harm her by taking photos of her face and body and posting the unflattering images online.

The Bodak Yellow star used her Instagram account on Sunday to highlight a paparazzi photo that had been manipulated, and criticized the mean troll behind the prank.

“It is the fact that people try to retouch my face and my body with Photoshop to publish on their platform, so that people can hit me and make me feel bad about my appearance on purpose …”, he wrote along with the images one on the side of the other. “The fact that it’s a paparazzi photo from months ago” …

“That’s why I pray every day and God keeps blessing me triple in people’s faces, because they did everything they could to bring me down, from making rumors about me to now photoshopping a paparazzi photo from months ago.”

“And the sad thing is that the people who are making these rumors and trying to get people to criticize me for my appearance are WOMEN!”