Cardi B ( Cardi B) fell into the center of a major scandal because of its own recognition , which made three years ago. Fans of the singer’s 26-year-old found the video , in which she says , it violates the law.

The star is actively blogging and communicating with followers. In 2016, she spoke to them on Instagram Live. In the process of communication, the girl criticized the critics and boasted that she had independently made her way out of poverty into a celebrity.

” It looks like , you forget everything , that I had to do. I was engaged in striptease , I happened to say: “Oh , do you want me? Oh , yes , yes , let’s go to the hotel. ” I pumped up guys and robbed them. That’s what I did! ”Admitted Cardie Bee. Full record of her broadcast with obscene expressions.

Today, the video has become publicly available. Now Cardie’s ill-wishers accuse her of theft , and also notice that her victims could have died from an overdose.

“ If a man had said this , he would not have been left unpunished for anything,” wrote a user named Mama Carol , who first remembered this recognition of a star.

In Instagram, the singer made an official statement about the scandalous video. She acknowledged , that said – the truth. “I have never praised those things , that I had to make , I never mention them in the music , because it is not proud of them. I made that choice , which is made , because they had a very limited supply options , and survived, “- said the hip-hop singer from the Bronx.

The singer added that she was happy , having escaped from that life. But she remembered , that many women did not manage to jump out of the circle. “Everything , what can I do now – it’s become the best for themselves , their families and their future”, – concluded the star.