The singer spoke frankly about her own family experience, of her mother who immigrated to the United States.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Camila Cabello recently urged fans to show more empathy towards immigrants seeking a better life in the United States.

The singer spoke frankly during her interview with People magazine and was quoted as saying, “Without a doubt, these are some of the toughest people I have ever met.”

“Many of them are fleeing life-threatening situations and experiencing unspeakable trauma just for the chance to live a safe life with more opportunities.”

He also added: “These parents have the same hopes and dreams for their children that my mother had for me when we left Cuba.”

“Our stories began in search of a better life, but time produced two completely different results. This understanding will always stay with me. “

“We left everything behind and came to this country with nothing in our pockets other than the hope of a better life for our family,” he says.

“For me, part of honoring my family’s heritage and our journey as immigrants is finding ways to learn from and support those who may have had similar experiences.”

He concluded by saying: “There are so many articles in the news about politics and crisis at the border, but it is important to remember that these are stories about real people.”

“Spending time and listening to the stories of these families and children during our trip was a transformation for me.”