The singer in an interview with Jimmy Fallon assures that she does not know in which hand the engagement ring is placed.

Camila Cabello is making things clear about her engagement to her boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

The Cuban-Mexican singer generated speculation about a change in the status of their relationship, when she appeared in a video wearing a giant stone on the finger of her left hand.

Turns out, she just doesn’t know which finger she shouldn’t wear a ring on if she wants to prevent rumors from happening.

When appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Cabello was asked, “Did Shawn Mendes ask you to marry him?”

“He hasn’t,” replied Cabello. “And I am not engaged.”

“I swear to God I don’t know which hand an engagement ring goes on, so sometimes I just put a ring on my ring finger,” she explained.

“In fact, I would like you to educate me. Which hand is the hand of commitment? Because I do not know. My parents are married and they both lost their rings, so my mom couldn’t tell me either. “

“It’s the left, right?” Fallon said, apparently unsure. “Yes, I think it’s the left.”

“You do not even know it!” exclaimed the singer. “Is this common knowledge? You sound unsure about this. “