Cameron Diaz

During an interview with host Michelle Visage on Tuesday, Cameron Diaz revealed that he never washes his face. An astonishing confidence on the part of the actress, a real Hollywood it girl.

Cameron Diaz left the movie world behind , and apparently her beauty routine too. The actress, or should we say the former actress since she hasn’t filmed since 2014, made some surprising secrets during an interview with host Michelle Visage for her new podcast, Rule breakers. The opportunity for Cameron Diaz to evoke Hollywood and the diktats of beauty, particularly present in the world of cinema, governed by the image. ” It’s hard not to look at yourself and not to judge yourself in relation to other criteria of beauty “, explains Cameron Diaz to Michelle Visage before adding: “.” Today freed from this pressure, Drew Barrymore’s great friend explains that she no longer really pays attention to her appearance. ” I don’t care ,” she says. ” The last thing I think of in the day, if at all, that’s what I look like. “Asked about her beauty routine, Cameron Diaz assures that she does not bother with this kind of detail. “ I do absolutely nothing. I never wash my face” , she replies before specifying that she nevertheless had “ a billion products” which were gathering dust.

” Twice a month, at best, I’m like, ‘Oh, I could wear that!’ It’s not bad enough, isn’t it? At the moment, I don’t really have the head to focus on that “. And we want to believe it! Indeed, just over two years ago, Cameron Diaz and her husband Benjamin Madden welcomed a baby girl, named Raddix . A new recruit in the small family who has every reason to capture the attention of the former actress, now at the head of a wine brand, Avaline.