Pamela Anderson reacted to Donald Trump’s comments on the fires in California by calling him “a completely selfish idiot” …

If Pamela Anderson has put on her dance shoes, the American star has renounced her activist hat. The American star, eliminated Thursday of Dance with the stars on TF1, continues to show its commitment to the animal cause and the defense of the environment in recent years. The tweet of Donald Trump in response to the fires currently affecting California , with no less than 23 deaths already recorded, has not failed in his vigilance.

“Find a solution now or you will not have any money”

The President of the United States had found nothing better than to declare this Saturday on Twitter: “There is no reason for these huge fires in California, deadly and expensive, except that forest management is insufficient. Billions of dollars are given every year – and so many lives lost – because of this mismanagement. Find a solution now or you will not have any more money from the government! ”


The former heroine of Alerte à Malibu took advantage of the visit of the President of the United States to France, where she lives in Marseilles, to tell her her four truths. “It’s hard to keep my tongue in my pocket on this one,” she writes, before calling Donald Trump “a completely selfish idiot and idiot who has to work for the devil, a narcissistic pervert who cares only about money and glory. I officially hate this toxic character who hates the planet and loves weapons. I’m disgusted. “

The star, who was attending a match this Sunday at the Velodrome Stadium in Marseille, knows how to get straight to the point.