Yesterday, the Western media surprised the public with the news that 69-year-old Caitlin Jenner is looking for a surrogate mother to have a child with her 22-year-old girl Sophia Hutchins. Today, the reality star commented on the words of insiders and called them “stupid rumors.”

“Kaitlin and Sophia talked about creating a family for a year. Despite the fact that Jenner already has ten children, she never had the opportunity to raise a child in the role of mother, which she had always dreamed of, ”an anonymous source said. He added that her family members took this news with hostility, because it seems to them that Sofia is putting pressure on the star. The only one who supported Caitlin was Kim, who herself twice resorted to the services of a surrogate mother.

It turned out that this is only an invention of journalists – so said Jenner herself. “These are just stupid rumors that do not correspond to reality in any way,” reports the Metro publication.

Recall that in 2015, Caitlin Jenner came out and performed several sex change operations. Before becoming a woman, Bruce Jenner was married three times: to Christy Scott, Linda Thompson and Chris Jenner. In his legal relationship, a former athlete had six children and four more adopted when he married the head of the Kardashian clan.