The actress did not expect that her lover would return home for the momentous event.

The other day, Kaley Cuoco told fans what a pleasant surprise her husband, Karl Cook, recently gave her. The actress was among the nominees for the Golden Globe Award for her role in the TV series The Flight Attendant, but at this momentous moment her lover was on a trip. Kayleigh expected that on the day of the ceremony she would be without the support of her husband, but everything turned out in the best way.

Cuoco posted a moment in the story when Karl unexpectedly arrived. “You know that Karl was absent for several weeks, traveled a lot, so I knew that he would not celebrate the Golden Globe with me. In addition, the event took place remotely, and I did not rush him to return home, he has a crazy schedule. But they just rang the doorbell – he arrived! ” – shared Kayleigh and captured herself hugging her husband with tears of joy.

In the video, Kayleigh says to Carl, “I can’t believe you did this. These are, by the way, tears. I’m so glad you’re here! “

The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary last year, and for the first time in four years of their relationship, Karl and Kayleigh moved in. Before that, they lived separately, which somewhat puzzled their fans. But Cuoco insisted that it was absolutely normal for her and Cook.