This year is given to Britney Spears is not easy, but the star is not discouraged: publishes content on social networks, promises to return to the stage and spends time with her beloved Sam Asgari, getting into the lenses of the paparazzi. Recently, the star warned not to believe the photographs from the photographers and accused the latter of Photoshop for profit.

Currently, the singer with her boyfriend spends time in Miami. Photos from the holiday, which provided the paparazzi, showed that Britney gained a little weight, although the last week she has been working hard in the gym and dancing. After seeing the pictures, Spears contacted the fans and asked them to compare her figure in the video with a photo from the paparazzi taken the day before the video was recorded. “Good morning! Well, this is me the day after the sea walk. Today I look different than yesterday? People constantly say that celebrities correct their photos, but they never question the honesty of the paparazzi who sell them, ”Britney wrote under the post.

Admittedly, the difference is obvious. In the video, the Spears looks noticeably slimmer, which would have been impossible to achieve in just a few hours of training or a hunger strike. It is possible that the singer looks thinner at the expense of clothing, and the paparazzi only choose more profitable for them frames. Anyway, the fans supported Britney on the net and encouraged the haters and tabloids who profit from her to leave the star alone.