Britney Spears has responded via Instagram to rumors that she no longer manages her own social media. The singer places a video in which she says that everyone who believes the rumors is wrong.

“Anyone who thinks I’m not posting my own videos is wrong, because I made this video yesterday,” she tells the camera. With this she refers to a video in which she dances in different outfits on a balcony with music from Rihanna in the background.

However, fans are still skeptical after seeing the video. For example, in the comments they read that they think someone in the Spears team has encouraged her to record this video.

Access prohibition for former manager still in force

US media also report that the judge decided on Tuesday to keep the prohibition of access of her former manager Sam Lutfi in place until at least 13 June. Lutfi challenged the earlier decision and called it “in violation of the constitution,” but the judge decided that the ban will remain in force until the trial continues.

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Spears was temporarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital in April. She would have a hard time with her father’s deteriorated health. Later, however, it was rumored that she was taken involuntarily by her father. Spears has been officially supervised by her father for some eleven years.