The bickering over authority over Britney Spears’ (38) finances continues. After the singer filed new papers last week to cancel her father Jamie as curator, he has now fired back. Court documents held by ‘TMZ’ state that he thinks Britney would have been much worse off if he hadn’t been making decisions about her money for twelve years.

According to Jamie, it would be a very bad idea if he were no longer responsible for his daughter’s financial decisions. He says he has helped her out of sky-high debts and prevented the singer from having legal problems. Without him, Britney would have been bankrupt, Jamie says. That is why he sees no reason to step down.

The 38-year-old singer has been under the supervision of her father since a mental breakdown in 2008. He will stay that way until at least February next year. Over the years, several lawsuits have been filed over Jamie’s conservatorship. Britney would like an independent company to take responsibility for its finances.