The singer recorded a funny video in which she showed several images.

Among Britney Spears fans there are supporters of the theory that the guardians do not let Britney out of the house and limit her contact with the outside world. Their suspicions are aggravated when the singer uploads incomprehensible photos and videos or several publications of the same type in a row. Someone even thinks that Britney’s Instagram is not her.

Spears scared her subscribers last month with posts about the color red and a grim photo of a skeleton in place of a child. Users were seriously concerned about Britney’s condition. But she recently posted a perky video in which she showed off several of her costumes. After that, the subscribers felt better.

“Found my cat suit. True, I did not find the mask, but at least everything else. Stay cheerful, my friends, do what brings you happiness! God bless you, ”Spears signed the video.

Britney fans breathed a sigh of relief after the new video: “This is more like our Britney”, “You are so fresh and happy!”

Spears later posted another video, in which her boyfriend Sam Asgari also appeared, and said that she was vaccinated against covid. Britney noted that it did not hurt at all, as they write about it on the Internet.