Britney Spears is going to act again. Four years after her last role, the sometimes acting singer won a small voice in the comedy horror Corporate Animals . The film was shown for the first time yesterday at the American film festival Sundance. Shortly before the premiere, director Patrick Brice only announced that he managed to tie the singer for a cameo his film.

In the film, with among others Demi Moore, Ed Helms and Jessica Williams in the lead roles, one of the characters is obsessed with Britney Spears. He even imagines that the posters he hangs from the singer in his room sometimes talk to him. The director told The Los Angeles Times that he came into contact with the singer through and she managed to free up time to speak ‘poster-Britney’. She did not have a very long time, there were only 10 minutes available in her schedule.  

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Four years ago, Britney was last seen as an actress in the TV series Jane in Virgin . Before that she played in Glee , How I With Your Mother and Will & Grace .