The makers of Framing Britney Spears do not rule out that there will be a sequel to the much-discussed documentary. So says New York Times journalist Liz Day in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter .

“I think we would really like that. There is a lot that we have not used or left behind because we were running out of time,” said Day. “Since the documentary aired, we have also received a lot of new information that is very interesting and well worth investigating.”

Framing Britney Spears shows, among other things, how the media dealt with the singer in her younger years. The film is also about Spears’ nervous breakdown in 2007, after which she was placed under full tutelage by her father Jamie in 2008.

Jamie Spears has since been responsible for her financial and personal decisions, something the singer wants to get rid of.

According to Day, the documentary has made many more stakeholders want to share information. “We have gained their trust,” said the filmmaker.

“People had little faith in the press because they felt used in the past. The tactful way in which we made this documentary and the respect we have shown for all parties has taken us further.”