Adele (33), Meghan Markle (40) and Prince Harry (37) already gave exclusive interviews to the former ‘queen of television’ this year, but Oprah Winfrey (67) does not need a phone call from the newly freed Britney Spears (39) expected. Sources tell ‘TMZ’ that the Princess of Pop is not yet ready to tell her story.

It has been rumored for a while that Britney would give an interview to Oprah and recently the singer herself hinted at it in an Instagram post. But fans still have to live without it for a while, sources told TMZ . It is not yet certain that the singer will tell her story with the presenter. There are also no fixed plans for other interviews on TV, in a magazine or on a radio program or podcast. There is a chance that it has been shelved. 



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Britney would mainly like to enjoy her freedom and get her affairs in order for the time being. For example, her new team is working on her financial situation. The singer’s income is divided into two pots: one that was drawn up in 2004 and one that took shape in 2018, according to TMZ . The intention is to bring the two together, so that Britney can take control of all her money. In addition, a strict plan is made for her, which includes appointments about her medication, doctor visits, drug and alcohol use and driving behaviour. Britney is free to agree to this or flout the rules. 

More than a week ago, it was decided in court that Britney’s father Jamie would no longer be her administrator and that the entire conservatorship would be dissolved. There are quite a few snags to this, but Britney is finally free . Megafan and entertainment expert Eric de Munck was in Los Angeles during the announcement of Britney’s freedom.