British royalty watchers are not happy with the first images around the Oprah interview of Prince Harry (36) and Meghan Markle (39). According to them, the monarchy is portrayed too evil. “They talk about the Queen as if she were a mob boss.”

The special in which Harry and Meghan will open their hearts on Oprah will air on March 7 and will last no less than two hours. Royals are already being warned to “hide behind Buckingham Palace furniture,” as the revelations in the interview were said to be particularly spectacular. These suspicions are already confirmed in a first preview. The couple has been compared to, among other things, Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. “I am glad to be sitting here next to my wife”, we hear the prince say. “Because something like doing this alone, like my mother, is not human.

Keep silent

A clip is also shown in which Oprah asks Meghan whether “she chose to remain silent, or whether she was silenced”. That’s what makes royalty watchers especially buzz. “They make it sound like the queen is some mafia boss who held Meghan at gunpoint,” says biographer Robert Jobson. “The trailer for the interview is completely ‘over the top’ and depicts the royal family as a criminal organization. But it’s not the Corleone’s of Windsor, you know. There are no secret agents to silence or blackmail people. Meghan was a working royal, she chose herself, and she was permanently protected by several agents from Scotland Yard. She was never in physical danger, and Harry knows it. Why they still blaspheme his family is mysterious. That probably fits better in their narrative. 

Extra time

“They act as if the past year has been very difficult for them,” Jobson continues. “But in fact they bought a beautiful villa, they signed sample deals with Spotify and Netflix, and now they are already with Oprah. I think it is more difficult for the other royals like Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William. They are still bound by protocol and cannot so easily strike back if their reputation had to be tarnished by Harry and Meghan. ”

Initially, the interview would only last an hour and a half. However, just after the queen took away the couple’s patronages and titles, an additional half hour was announced. “Is this because Harry and Meghan are angry and want to lose a little more than they initially approved? Who knows, but it could be. Whatever they say will never work out for the monarchy. ”