The American immigration service has arrested rapper 21 Savage to expel him from the country. According to the service, he has been staying illegally in the US for years and is also a convicted criminal. Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, as the musician is actually called, claims to come from Atlanta, but has British nationality.

According to an immigration service spokesperson, at 12 years of age, the rapper entered the US legally in July 2005, but did not leave the country when his visa expired in July 2006. He has since been an illegal immigrant. In October 2014 he was also convicted for drug facts in Fulton County, Georgia, according to Bryan Cox.

The now 26-year-old rapper has always claimed to be born and raised in Atlanta and was also considered a long time American citizen. 21 Savage is the ex of Amber Rose. On Thursday he performed in Atlanta and he had more concerts in the US on the agenda. It is not yet known what will happen now. A judge must now consider whether the rapper is being deported.

His lawyer, Dina LaPolt, did not want to respond directly to a request from Reuters for comment, but he told Variety that Abraham-Joseph was a ‘role model’ for many young people and that he is working on knowledge programs to get underprivileged young people to a job. help out.