Brie Larson (29) already has an Oscar on the scene, but with her role in the fantasy print ‘Captain Marvel’ she really promotes to the superstar category. And that’s with a scared heart. “I have to force myself to cope with that degree of familiarity. I knew that beforehand. ”

A film with a female superhero in the lead, they have not believed in it for twenty films at Marvel. But times have changed and when competitor DC Comics grabbed a blockbuster two years ago with ‘Wonder Woman’, the studio bosses couldn’t stay behind. And look: number 21, ‘Captain Marvel’, promises to become one of the most successful films in the studio. The print raised 400 million euros worldwide during the opening weekend. The film plays in the nineties and tells the story of air force pilot Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, who gains superhuman powers after she has come into contact with an alien Kree artifact.  

Working in Disneyland

Leading actor Brie Larson did not go ice overnight before she accepted the role of the intergalactic pilot who fires lightning bolts with her fingers. The actress used to be known for her work in alternative, smaller films, and did not break through in the worldwide hostage drama ‘Room’ until 2016. That haunting film earned her an Oscar, but the fame that came with it is still different than what awaits her now that she has taken on a role in a super (hero) production. “It was about the other side of the coin,” she recently said. “Because of the fame that I should bear alone” – the actress broke up three years later with her fiancée Alex Greenwald. She had to consider whether such a life could bring “satisfaction, inspiration and happiness”. “Moreover, I am naturally very reserved”, she says in Paris Match. “I knew I had to force myself to cope with that degree of attention, with the reactions of fans on social media and what not.” Even with her Marvel suit, she initially had a hard time. “It’s an iconic outfit, but I have to admit that it didn’t really warm me up when I first put it on. It looked like I was going to work at Disneyland. “

Not that Brie only delivered half work. She grabbed hold of the character and tried to make it into a superheroine with a human face – but a superhero must also be powerful enough to save the world, so she submitted to a hellish regime of workouts . On Instagram she showed her fans how she evolved from simple exercises with weights to pushing a Jeep up a slope. “I shed a lot of tears during my training,” she admits, but eventually she started to enjoy it. “After a while I fell in love with those workouts. By the way my body transformed and the things that I was suddenly able to do. It was the first time that I felt that I let my body work for me. ”Only in the neighborhood of one opponent did her body work against: Bries’ character has a cat as a sidekick , but the actress has such a great cat allergy that interaction the trained movie cat was impossible. Eventually the animal was replaced by digital gadgets during their scenes.

Brie is estimated to have 5 million dollars, about 4.4 million euros, in her role. That is a lot more than the 300,000 dollars that Gal Gadot received for her role in ‘Wonder Woman’, or the 2 million from Chadwick Boseman from ‘Black Panther’, the hit film last year. Yet it is still considerably less than the 15 million that Scarlett Johansson receives for the title role in the Marvel film ‘Black Widow’, which may be released next year. Brie is not jealous. She has been short of cash. “I’ve been nearly broke countless times,” she recently said. “At certain moments I did three auditions a day … Very stressful. Even just before I got hold of my role in ‘Room’, I was constantly stressed about money. And that was in 2015, not so long ago! ”She will never have to worry about money again, certainly not if the franchise continues to run. On the other hand, she will have to learn to live with it from now on to be the kind of Hollywood star for which paparazzi like to lurk.