The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday evening, that it had recorded 28,323 cases and 592 new deaths from the Coronavirus, in a decrease for both indicators compared with Saturday’s data.

The Ministry stated, in a daily statistics, that the number of registered infections with the Coronavirus “Covid-19” in the country during the past 24 hours increased by 28,323, bringing the total number to 8844577 cases.

This outcome comes after the index of new infections in Brazil on January 20 reached 64,385 cases, on January 21 59119, on January 22, 56552, and on January 23, 62334.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health also stated that it had detected 592 deaths from the disease, bringing the death toll from the pandemic in the country to the level of 217037 people.

And the death rate from the virus in Brazil on January 20 reached 1340 cases, on January 21 1316, on January 22, 1096, and on January 23, 1202.

It is worth noting that the indicators of the spread of the Corona virus in Brazil always witness a significant decrease at the end of the week and on Mondays due to bureaucratic reasons and the decrease in the number of examinations.

Brazil recorded the second largest death toll from the virus in the world after the United States, and the third highest number of infections after the United States and India.