Actor Bradley Cooper (44) may not be planning to go on tour with Lady Gaga with the songs from ‘A Star Is Born’, but he sees other possibilities to bring the success film back to life. 

Bradley Cooper was a guest at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Thursday. When the presenter asked him about ‘A Star Is Born’, which he wrote, directed, produced and in which he also acted, he confessed that he had no intention of touring with the songs from the film. However, many fans have been asking for this for a long time. Yet he saw another possibility for a reunion with Lady Gaga, who took the other lead role. “What I think is a cool idea is to bring the script live one night and sing the songs while we read the script,” he told DeGeneres. “That would be great wouldn’t it?”  

‘A Star Is Born’ was released worldwide in October 2018 and immediately became a huge success. The film was nominated for eight Oscars, but could only redeem one: the ‘best original song’ and ‘Shallow’. Cooper brought the song together with Lady Gaga live at the Oscars, and was not very nervous about it despite his limited singing experience. “I wasn’t really nervous,” he said. “I had also worked so hard, and Lady Gaga was very helpful. But it was really frightening. I am not a singer and I had never sung for this film, so that was really bizarre. ”

“But it just shows that when you work really hard, and you are surrounded by people who help you, you can do things that you never thought possible. Because I thought: people will never watch the movie again if that performance is bad. But it felt great. ”